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Meet the Team!

We’d love you to come and talk to our fantastic, friendly & knowledgeable team here at, so keep checking our Facebook page & you’ll find an introduction to a different staff member each week, which we hope will give you a bit of a feel for us…

We’re as laid back as they come and love meeting travellers from all over the world, so Please feel free to come in & pick our brains any time!

Quick word from Laura:

Hi everyone!

I’m Laura from Nice in the south of France. Airlie Beach is my home from home as I’ve lived here for 5 years now. I have lots of local knowledge and am absolutely loving working at!

The best part of my job is interacting with other people and I am really excited to be the first French speaking staff member here who can answer all of your queries in both English and French.

Hill Inlet must be my favourite place in the Whitsundays and I like to kick back with a good coffee on my days off. You’ll find me behind the desk at the front of the shop with a smile and an answer to all of your questions!



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Win $1000 of free flights from Tiger Airways

The TNT Golden Backpack awards are on again!,We are proud as a family owned and operated business, To be nominated as Best Small Travel Agent for

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found at the bottom of the form



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Airlie Beach business makes region proud

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Horses teach businessman a lesson in honesty

extract from Daily Mercury, Published July 17th 2012

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Award for an adventurer

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Wet Windy Whitsunday Weekends?

All good there is still plenty to do on my daytrip.

On the rare occasion when the weather is not the expected perfect sunny day in the Whitsundays I discovered there is always something worth exploring.

Although I had pre booked my transfer the day before with fingers crossed while I watched the weather radar, I forgot to cross my toes too.

Some called it a little wet, I called it a just another great opportunity to see the Whitsundays.

My pick for the day straight off the top of my hit list – Fish feeding at Daydream, then to Whitehaven Beach for a couple of hours of exploring….umm sunbake on the white sand.

Ok, the transfer was a little bumpy but I will admit the ride was much smoother than I was expecting. Setting down on the jetty at Daydream, I ran straight to the coffee shop for my morning flat white then into position nice and early for the fish feeding show. Yes, I attended the fish feeding last weekend but, it was pretty cool! And decided it was worth a second look from the other side of the lagoon, up real close to all the action.

A mention of the baby sharks in the other lagoon “nibbles” and “cookies ” I had no choice but to head to the other end of the island to see if I could catch up with the little ones!!

Followed by a great meal and a “is it Nemo?” mocktail at Mermaids restaurant, surprisingly sheltered I never had the need to chase my napkin across the table.

And with my alarm set to ensure I catch the transfer to Whitehaven Beach I only just made the boat in time. It was a great ride over to the “great white beach” and the sun started to break through the clouds just as we arrived.  A little bit of wet feet from jumping out of the tender and a couple of steps later I was on the famous beach.

1 click, 2 click, 3 clicks and many more snaps from the canon powershot (camera) my Whitehaven beach photo library began. You know it’s the “most photographed Beach in Australia” I’m happy to help justified the well-deserved claim and take home my piece of the action on film, ur flash drive.

You might be keen to just have a wonder and explore the beach, dig a little deeper into the National Park, sunbake, a bit of beach cricket or soccer maybe, a picnic lunch, swim or snorkel, it really doesn’t matter. The whole experience is fun and comes with a guarantee you will take home a photo or two providing the evidence you need to say “I have been to Whitehaven Beach”.

What turned out a little cloudy with a few spots of rain in the morning Daydream Island and Whitehaven Beach was worth every effort to get out and see.

Now I’m wondering what other activities are in and around Airlie Beach I can place on my hit list for those not so perfect days,  if you have any ideas and/or recommendations comments are always open!

Share on Facebook, (A&L Laurent Pty Ltd) Winners at the 2012 Telstra Queensland Business Awards.

2012 QLD Telstra Australian Business Awards, MYOB Small Business Award Finalist – A&L Laurent Pty Ltd

Finalists in two categories of this prestigious awards program, (A&L Laurent Pty Ltd) accepts the award for the 2012 MYOB Small Business Category at the Queensland presentation held in Brisbane Tuesday 10th July.
Settling down in Airlie Beach following years of sailing and traveling around the world, Tony and Lolita launched their business in 1994 with the aim to share their sense of adventure with other travelers and visitors to the wonderful Whitsundays.They have since grown the business into the region’s most comprehensive local tourism operation.
“If you apply the basic principles of caring and sharing with others, honesty, trust, innovation and authenticity, we soon found that what we had learnt in sport could also be applied to business” from Tony’s acceptance speech., the Whitsundays Central Reservations and Information Centre are known for their innovation and ‘keeping up with times’. Some boasts include publishing the first ever website for the Whitsundays region and more recently by releasing the first ever popular smart phone App ‘Airlie Beach Whitsundays Guide’. are also recommended by Lonely Planet.

As Winner of the Queensland MYOB Small Business Award Tony & Lolita will be attending the Australian final of the 2012 Telstra Business Awards in Sydney next month. Good luck guys.


more information about the 2012 Telstra Australian Business Awards

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Daydream or Long Island, what do you think?

Daydream Parasail View

Armed with my 2 Island Cruise Hopper pass, I set off on my Whitsunday day adventure.
First decision, well that was already done! It’s looks I will be visiting Daydream and then off to Long Island for the afternoon.
During the perfect Saturday Morning the Transfer was fast, smooth and fun!
Hitting the shores of Daydream, it was straight to the activities desk. Hmmm, so much to do (looks like I need to come back again) but for today it’s the Public fish feeding show then  to the jetty for my Parasail.

Day Dream Parasail

Where only photos can explain the ride, with a bit of a shaky hand and my camera strapped to my hand I was up in the skies in no time enjoying the relaxing float around Daydream Island. The view was amazing; I almost forgot to take a couple of snaps I planned.
It wasn’t too long before I was travelling the jetty on the shuttle cart on my way to the long Island resort for lunch at Palms restaurant, No soup of the day here! But the buffet was scrumptious, plenty of chicken and salad.

A quick discovery tour (self-paced, off the beaten track type even to the “other side” and back again) provided the evidence I need to come back here as well, real soon!
Could there be a better way to end the day on Long Island? a couple of fruity cocktails by the beach watching the wild life hop by in the sunset.
Between the two Islands – Daydream and Long it’s a hard decision to make which one is for me, I guess I need to visit both of them again real soon.

Long Island Kangaroo

The more I get out and see the Great Whitsundays I realise that there is plenty more to see and do.

What do you think Daydream or Long Island for you? or if you have some suggestions for me to try out on my next Whitsunday Day adventure, shoot through a comment below and let me know where you have been and what I need to see?


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Couldn’t get much better!

On a day just like this one. I’m thinking day trip out to the islands.

what are your plans for tomorrow?

Tomorrow, it’s going to be another great day in the Whitsundays. I think I’ll start with a quick transfer to Daydream Island and check out the Fish feeding. looks like fun! I’m sure there are plenty of other things to do while on my short stay, I look forward to discover these after I get there.

Next on my hit list, Lunch at Long island. Palms Restaurant. Soup of the day maybe?

anyhow, I’m sure you don’t want to know what I’m doing. But I’m real keen to find out what is on eveyone elses “Whitsunday Saturday Hit List”.

So, what are you’re plans?

if you still not sure – you can always check out the what’s on and events list


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