Valentine’s Day moved to the 15th February

Airlie Beach Whitsundays Guide - On the iPhoneSneak peak of the iPhone App

 After many months of hard work, 356L of pepsi max and 1235 cups of coffee the developer’s team at attempted to have Valentine ’s Day off this year – We couldn’t allow that! – “We haven’t had a day off for months… and just require a little time out” I heard one of them say, well with a little negotiation with the contracts we decided to move Valentine ’s Day to the 15th so the team can complete their latest work and push it out the door, oh yeah and then spend some time “resting” to get into the swing of Valentine’s day…


Thanks guys you did great, you can now head home for a few hours….

But be back tom orrow! There is always plenty to do around here!
It’s now available, Airlie Beach Whitsundays Guide the mobile app.

Available on the iPhone and Android this App looks promising if I do say so myself.
But it’s not up to me to do it justice, that’s your job. Why not give it a go and give us your thoughts…

Hey, we don’t want the developer’s team think they are done just yet…..


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