Daydream or Long Island, what do you think?

Daydream Parasail View

Armed with my 2 Island Cruise Hopper pass, I set off on my Whitsunday day adventure.
First decision, well that was already done! It’s looks I will be visiting Daydream and then off to Long Island for the afternoon.
During the perfect Saturday Morning the Transfer was fast, smooth and fun!
Hitting the shores of Daydream, it was straight to the activities desk. Hmmm, so much to do (looks like I need to come back again) but for today it’s the Public fish feeding show then  to the jetty for my Parasail.

Day Dream Parasail

Where only photos can explain the ride, with a bit of a shaky hand and my camera strapped to my hand I was up in the skies in no time enjoying the relaxing float around Daydream Island. The view was amazing; I almost forgot to take a couple of snaps I planned.
It wasn’t too long before I was travelling the jetty on the shuttle cart on my way to the long Island resort for lunch at Palms restaurant, No soup of the day here! But the buffet was scrumptious, plenty of chicken and salad.

A quick discovery tour (self-paced, off the beaten track type even to the “other side” and back again) provided the evidence I need to come back here as well, real soon!
Could there be a better way to end the day on Long Island? a couple of fruity cocktails by the beach watching the wild life hop by in the sunset.
Between the two Islands – Daydream and Long it’s a hard decision to make which one is for me, I guess I need to visit both of them again real soon.

Long Island Kangaroo

The more I get out and see the Great Whitsundays I realise that there is plenty more to see and do.

What do you think Daydream or Long Island for you? or if you have some suggestions for me to try out on my next Whitsunday Day adventure, shoot through a comment below and let me know where you have been and what I need to see?


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