Wet Windy Whitsunday Weekends?

All good there is still plenty to do on my daytrip.

On the rare occasion when the weather is not the expected perfect sunny day in the Whitsundays I discovered there is always something worth exploring.

Although I had pre booked my transfer the day before with fingers crossed while I watched the weather radar, I forgot to cross my toes too.

Some called it a little wet, I called it a just another great opportunity to see the Whitsundays.

My pick for the day straight off the top of my hit list – Fish feeding at Daydream, then to Whitehaven Beach for a couple of hours of exploring….umm sunbake on the white sand.

Ok, the transfer was a little bumpy but I will admit the ride was much smoother than I was expecting. Setting down on the jetty at Daydream, I ran straight to the coffee shop for my morning flat white then into position nice and early for the fish feeding show. Yes, I attended the fish feeding last weekend but, it was pretty cool! And decided it was worth a second look from the other side of the lagoon, up real close to all the action.

A mention of the baby sharks in the other lagoon “nibbles” and “cookies ” I had no choice but to head to the other end of the island to see if I could catch up with the little ones!!

Followed by a great meal and a “is it Nemo?” mocktail at Mermaids restaurant, surprisingly sheltered I never had the need to chase my napkin across the table.

And with my alarm set to ensure I catch the transfer to Whitehaven Beach I only just made the boat in time. It was a great ride over to the “great white beach” and the sun started to break through the clouds just as we arrived.  A little bit of wet feet from jumping out of the tender and a couple of steps later I was on the famous beach.

1 click, 2 click, 3 clicks and many more snaps from the canon powershot (camera) my Whitehaven beach photo library began. You know it’s the “most photographed Beach in Australia” I’m happy to help justified the well-deserved claim and take home my piece of the action on film, ur flash drive.

You might be keen to just have a wonder and explore the beach, dig a little deeper into the National Park, sunbake, a bit of beach cricket or soccer maybe, a picnic lunch, swim or snorkel, it really doesn’t matter. The whole experience is fun and comes with a guarantee you will take home a photo or two providing the evidence you need to say “I have been to Whitehaven Beach”.

What turned out a little cloudy with a few spots of rain in the morning Daydream Island and Whitehaven Beach was worth every effort to get out and see.

Now I’m wondering what other activities are in and around Airlie Beach I can place on my hit list for those not so perfect days,  if you have any ideas and/or recommendations comments are always open!

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