Quick Trips Sailing the Whitsundays

If you only have time for a quick trip around the Whitsundays, we have many two-day, one-night sailing tours for you.

Help your crew hoist the sails as you cruise down to the beautiful Whitehaven Beach and join the bush walk to the famous Hill Inlet lookout.

Share in the overnight sailing experience of sleeping on a boat under the stars with your fellow travellers before snorkelling in an underwater wonderland the following day. From private cabins to backpacker style boats, our quick trips will suit anyone seeking the best of the Whitsundays within a short period.

3 Days / 2 Nights

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Hammer Whitsundays Overnight Sailing



Perfect for the time-short traveller, Hammer offers everything you would expect from a Whitsunday sailing experience in only 3 days and 2 night. Sail, snorkel, stroll, sunbathe and more in the incredible Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. What are you waiting for?

2 Nights / 3 Nights

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Mi Lady Whitsundays Overnight Sailing



Beat the crowds and sail the Whitsundays in style onboard the Mi Lady. You are guaranteed to be treated like royalty as you set sail through the many Whitsunday Islands aboard this beauty.